Profiling machine MINI-LIGHT

Compact, light and demountable machine suitable for hard-to-reach construction sites or small workshops to produce double standing seam profiles 25 from blanks or cut lengths in a single pass.

  • Consists of 4 components and can be assembled and disassembled in no time
  • Suitable for all hard-to-reach construction sites
  • Is even suitable for the smallest workshops
  • Can be disassembled and carried by two people
  • Simple assembly without tools
  • Fits in every car/van
  • Double standing seam profile of 25 mm in one work cycle
  • Minimum panel length 500 mm (depending on the material)
  • Smallest axial dimension 50 mm when producing single-sided profiles
  • Tapered, conical or fitting panels in 2 work cycles
  • Manual stepless width adjustment from 250 to 730 mm

Opened machine

Electrical drive

Profile dimensions