Round arch curving machine RBM 50 / RBM 38/50


Robust round arch curving machine for convex bending of pre-profiled panels for use as dormers, round arches, domes or barrel-vault roofs with and without clip relief in the heights 38 or 50 mm.


  • Tailored to the double standing seam of the Schlebach profile shaping machines
  • Combined pressure can be adjusted to the chosen setting using motor or manually
  • Seamless production of changing radii in a panel
  • Seperately powered bending units for the female and male profile side
  • Panels with male profile on both sides in one work cycle
  • Conical and tapered panels or panels with female profile on both sides can be produced in multiple passes
  • Width adjustment using handwheel
  • Working speed continuously variable from 0 to 12 m/min
  • Optionally also for profile heights 32  and 38 mm by exchanging bending rollers
  • Large number of possible shapes:

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