Slitting / Cutting

Slitting system SLMST 1250 / 1500

Slmst 1250  1500

Slitting and cross-cutting system for flexible, precise and burr-free cutting of wide metal strips.

PLC control with touch panel


  • Productive slitting and cross-cutting system for wide strips 1,250 and 1,500 mm
  • Cross cutting with guilotine shear for high productivity
  • Run-in width steplessly adjustable from 200 – 1,250 mm (1,500 mm)
  • Material thickness up to 2 mm (depending on material and number of cuts)
  • User-friendly PLC control with 7“ touch panel
  • Feed rate 22 m/min (adjustable via frequency converter)
  • Strip in-feed, easy on materials, with specially coated feed rolls
  • Rapid clamping mechanism for damage-free clamping of the blades
  • Blade shafts with 4 pairs of knives (deployable and regrindable from both sides)
  • Adjustable support for lower blade shaft
  • Blade position control using scale, with millimetre precision
  • Blade shaft with 100 mm diameter
  • Optional enhancement up to 10 pairs of knives at reduced cutting capacity
  • Raising of the upper shaft for waste optimization and for cross-cutting operating mode
  • Maintenance-friendly, easier and more efficient blade changing
  • Uniform base frame for cross-cutting system and guillotine shear
  • Forklift pockets for safe transport

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