MINI profiling machines

Profiling machine MINI-PROF PLUS

Mini Prof Plus

Compact machine for producing double standing seam profiles 25 from blanks, cut lengths or directly from the coil with electromechanical length measuring device with a scale in centimetres, a driven belt feeder and a hand operated roller shear to execute manual cross-cuts.

Profile dimensions

Manual cross-cutting roller shear RS

Longitudinal cutter LS (optional)

Electromechanical length measuring device


  • Compact version with all necessary accessories
  • Mechanical length measuring device in cm-gradation, tolerance 1 – 2 cm
  • Roller shear RS to perform manual cross cuts ahead of profile shaping
  • Roller blades LS to perform longitudinal cuts of parallel fitting panels ahead of profile shaping
  • Decoiler for 300 kg coil weight
  • Parallel sheet metal is produced in a single work cycle
  • Minimum panel length 500 mm (depending on the material)
  • Stepless width adjustment from 240 – 850 mm
  • Tapered, conical or fitting panels in 2 work cycles
  • Smallest axial dimension 80 mm when producing single-sided profiles
  • Movable on 4 castors
  • Height adjustable, leading to comfortable working conditions

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