Notching unit KLS

Electrohydraulic notching unit for mechanical assembly preparation of pre-profiled panels with double standing seam 25, 32 and 38 mm with and without clip relief for roofs, dormers, façades and parapets.

  • Notching of a round cutout in optionally 25, 32 and 38 mm profile height
  • Both standard and clip relief
  • Notching and feeding-forward of parallel, tapered and trapezodial profile panels
  • Eaves and roof inflexion points, channels, monopitch roofs, façade bases, faceplates, verge flashing and window lintels
  • Profiled sheets are cut out and fed forward
  • Burr-free cuts prevent tearing
  • Double punching tools facilitate notchings for laying both from right to left, as well as from left to right
  • Panels can therefore be prepared for the eaves, for building inflexion points or the upper parts

Possible shapes