Notching unit EHA

Electrohydraulic notching unit for automated notching, feeding-forward and folding-back of pre-profiled panels with double standing seam 25, 32 and 38 mm with and without clip relief for roofs, dormers, façades and parapets.

  • Processes standard profiles as well as profiles with clip relief
  • Notching, feeding forward and folding-back in three series-connected operations
  • Production of round cutouts
  • Prepares for bottom and top seam ends on roofs, dormers, façades and parapets
  • Eaves and roof inflexion points, channels, monopitch roofs, façade bases, faceplates, verge flashing and window lintels
  • Pre-profiled parallel panels are produced in three series-connected operations
  • Conical or tapered shaped panels are produced in four series-connected operations alternately
  • Equipped with segment rails in the upper beam, bending beam and the supporting table
  • Various edging work, e.g. on rhombic plates and shingles quickly and efficiently
  • Suitable for mirrored covering and coffered roof slabs

Possible shapes