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The origins of metal panel cladding systems for building facades can be traced to the middle of the 20th century.
Besides conventional facade manufacturers, specialist metal working companies are increasingly involved in the implementation of such projects.


Due to their simple installation, slot-in panel systems are being used for both, technically and optically sophisticated facades on new buildings and for reconstructions with rear-ventilated curtain facade structures.
The slot-in panel systems of facades are characterized by a finely structured flush mounted structure.
Depending on design aspects, the panels can be also be installed vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

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The reveal or Soffit panel is provided with tongue and groove edges on the two longitudinal edges, i.e. an insertion side and a pocket side. Economic production of these panels is possible, for example, using Schlebach facade roll formers or QUADRO type profile-shaping machines.


After mounting of the panel on the projecting arm of the pocket side, the insertion side of the next panel is slotted in and also reattached to the substructure that is often of lightweight construction. This assembly process results in an installation system with concealed fasteners.

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In line with sheet metal techniques, connections and terminations are frequently formed into flashings.

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