The bending machine Biegeboy is suitable for convex bending of profiled shapes at 90° edging for the roofing and cladding of dormers, domed surfaces and barrel-vaulted roofs. Lengths of edged metal are stretched in the vicinity of the folded up edge by a special roller system. Longer lengths are formed on site. They are fixed to the substructure at one point. The Biegeboy is then placed on them and led along the edge fold.

The material is stretched by the pressure rollers so that it conforms to the substructure. The pressure has to be adjusted to suit the radii and the grade or thickness of the material. If you need short profiled shapes the Biegeboy has to be mounted on a stand and operation can be at the workshop. The machine is used for bending on edged shapes with a turn-up height of 50mm and a minimum radius of 300mm. The smallest radii are produced in multiple operations.