1. A guarantee is given for a period of 12 months as from the date of purchase. In this country and abroad, guarantee services are performed by the manufacturer or approved service workshops. If the machine is made a available for trials, the guarantee begins on the date when the machine was made available.
  2. If you wish to make a claim under the guarantee, send in this completed guarantee certificate together with the machine and all accessories in the packing and storage crate. Please enclose a report indicating the nature of the claim.
  3. A claim under the guarantee only exists for faults which are clearly due to faults in fabrication or materials. During the guarantee period, the parts in question will be replaced or repaired free of charge at our discretion. Any other claims are excluded. Parts replaced become our property.
  4. Transport and packing costs accuring in guarantee claims for the return despatch of the machine and costs for the requesting of technicians are borne by the customer. It is not possible for us to accept the transport risk.
  5. The repair or replacement of individual parts does not prolong the original guarantee period for the machine. For parts supplied by other companies, our liability is restricted to the ceding of the claims for liability which we have against the suppliers of these products.
  6. The guarantee claim lapses if repairs or actions carried out by persons who do not have an authorization in writing for such work. The onus of proof that this is not the case is on the customer.
  7. The guarantee does not cover damage caused by the connection or use of the machine in contravention of our instructions for the operation and care of the machine. Guarantee certificates which are lost or become illegible will not be replaced. In this case, all claims under the guarantee are excluded.
  8. In particular, the guarantee does not apply to the following cases:
    1. Damage or faults caused by force majeure (lightning, storm, water damage) or other external influences.
    2. Damage caused by incorrect operation or other errors which cannot be attributed to faults in fabrication or materials.
    3. Abnormal wear and tear caused by exceptional stress, natural wear and tear and premature consumption of valves, seals, hoses, filters and other parts which are subject to wear and tear on account ouf their nature and mode of use.
    4. Damage to supply cable and plug.
  9. A guarantee for machines exported is only given when the machine has been supplied by an official Schlebach dealer. Guarantee claims will only be accepted, if the delivery ensued to the country of application directly.
  10. Our delivery Conditions apply in addition to the above.
  11. If a warranty service is required, the purchase date has to be proved by a copy of the invoice, which shows the type and the number of the machine and the purchase date.