Snap / Nailstrip

Technical data


The corresponding strip widths result in the following profile dimensions for the different profile heights:

files/profilinformationen/Profil Snap_Nail/Profil_Snap_Nailstrip_07_Englisch.jpg

During installation, the resulting covering widths must be considered:

files/profilinformationen/Profil Snap_Nail/Profil_Snap_Nailstrip_08_Englisch.jpg


A variation of snap profile is represented by the version with clip relief. Here, an additional shape at the base of the profile provides free space for the fastener.

Snap-Profil mit Cliprelief montiert

This can prevent damage due to friction between the metal sheet and the fasteners at the profile base.
For optical reasons, or to stabilize the strip surface additional beads or ribs may be moulded into the material.

Sicke / Rippe mit Abmessungen


To achieve the required seam force from the snap connection, the material consists mainly of cold rolled sheets and strips of steel, aluminium and in some cases copper. Titanium zinc is not suitable for snap profiles due to its low strength (observe the specifications by the material manufacturer)


Certification, standards and rules

Observe the country-specific standards, regulations and laws.
Schlebach have grouped the experience of users into the corresponding installation instructions.

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