Profiling machine SPM / PMC

Spm  Pmc

The basic model of the robust SPM / PMC series for producing double standing seam with a height of 25 mm or 32 mm, either in standard shape (SPM) or with clip relief (PMC).

Standard double standing seam 25

Standard double standing seam 32

Double standing seam 25 with clip relief

Double standing seam 32 with clip relief



  • Robust and suitable for many double standing seam profile applications
  • Can be retrofitted with additional elements even at a later point in time thanks to the modular construction
  • Tapered, conical or fitting panels in 2 work cycles
  • Infeed width max. 870 mm, infinitely variable
    Alternative: Special 
    model SPM 1000 / PMC 1000 with max. 1.080 mm
  • Shortest panel length 500 mm (depending on the material)
  • Available for standard double standing seam (SPM) or with clip relief (PMC)
  • Roll sets for double standing seam 25 mm as well as 32 mm available
  • Adjustable infeed guides on ball-bearings for material guidance
  • Profile rollers made from high-quality special steel with high level of corrosion and wear protection
  • Resilient mounts of the upper profile rollers ensure impression-free and low-wear production of the panels

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