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Metal has been used for several centuries as a material for technically sophisticated roofing (e.g. lead roofing of Cologne Cathedral approx. 500 years old). The double standing seam as a joining technique has been known in the literature since around the beginning of the last century and can be regarded as a further development of the simple standing seam.


The seaming technique is considered to be the artisanal joining technique for roofing made of thin sheets.  It enables rainproofing of even the most complicated roof shapes (e.g. tower, dome, screen constructions). The result is a fine-lined appearance with a wide range of detail variations.



Appropriate deformations (overlap “A” and underlap “B”) at the two longitudinal edges prepare the metal sheet for the folded joint.


After laying on a suitably prepared substructure and fixing the metal sheet by means of fasteners (so-called “adhesives”), the next sheet is laid and the rebate joint between the two sheets is closed to form a single angled rebate or a double standing rebate.


The rebate can be made in different heights depending on climatic or visual requirements.

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