a) Dimensions
No direct size specifications exist for rhombic elements. Depending on the design, the following preferred dimensions have been tried and tested:

The max. rhombic dimensions may also depend on material. They are subject to the corresponding manufacturer's specifications and installation instructions.

b) Material
Rhombic elements are predominantly manufactured from cold rolled thin sheets and strips of stainless steel, steel, titanium zinc, aluminium and copper.
Material thicknesses may range from about 0.6 to 1.2 mm. These dependent on the material itself, the dimensions of the rhombic elements, the restrictions with regard to the manufacturing facility and the wind suction loads on the facade. In addition to the manufacturer's instructions local standards and guidelines must be observed!
In addition, special requirements must be met regarding predominantly quiet and smooth surfaces of the façade. These require consideration of the specifications of the planner and the material manufacturer.
Choices of material as well as some system suppliers are mentioned below, e.g.:








c) Certification, standards and rules
Depending on the object design, the type of implementation and the location, facades are subject to various national standards and regulations, with supplements to certify structural safety.