Profiling machine QUADRO-KS

The QUADRO-KS profiling machine is a versatile and multi-functional profiling system. The QUADRO-KS version extends the proven and flexible profile-shaping options that were already available in the basic version of QUADRO with the conical profile-shaping mode. In this case, the strip is transported, cut at an angle and profiled in a single pass, regardless of the shape of the profile. Possible applications are, for example, economic production of long, conical profile panels for dome or pavilion roof shapes or for long, narrow and conical panels.

As with the profiling machine QUADRO, the QUADRO-KS is also capable of producing high quality sheet metal profiles for many different applications in a user-friendly process and within very short retooling times. The production of the different profiles employs the familiar exchangeable cassette system with 10 or 12 forming stations.

Due to the clever design, the customer is able to determine the equipment, i.e. the applications of machine on an individual basis. The machine may be extended with additional cassettes or with the vast range of available accessories at any time.

The QUADRO-KS machine is supported by a robust base frame that is equipped with four wheels. Two of the wheels are equipped with brakes to stop the machine from moving unintentionally. The scope of delivery also includes lifting eyes as well as forklift pockets that are installed on the frame for the safe transportation of the machine on site. This ensures that the machine provides utmost flexibility, both operationally and on the construction site. Hinged covers secured by safety devices protect the machine and the operator and facilitate adjustments.

The infeed width is continuously adjustable from 300 to 800 mm with the well proven system employing a spindle and a hand wheel. For conical operations, the spindle adjustment unit is disengaged so that the adjustable side is free to move laterally in a special linear guide, depending on inclination. The right and left side of the QUADRO-KS machines intake area are equipped with robust infeed guides on ball-bearings that feed the strip material safely and securely. These are separately adjustable to adapt to the outer edges of each profile. As a result, the strip will run smoothly and without backlash.

The reinforced cross-cutting disc shear in the infeed area consists of a cutting head with hardened roller blades that may be sharpened or even replaced with little effort if necessary. The cutting head is mounted on a maintenance-free linear guide and it is driven by a toothed belt. This guarantees a clean, burr-free cut. The shortest panel that can be produces with this separation process is about 700 mm. Additional dividing devices are available for installation in the outlet area of ​​the QUADRO-KS machine where shorter panels from approximately 100 mm must be produced. Depending on the material and the type of profile, cutting may be performed by a QA60 (only for non-ferrous metals). In addition, the infeed of the QUADRO-KS is equipped with a slitting unit LS for the production of conical profile panels. The purpose of this unit is to carry out conical slitting before the profiling operation.

The exchangeable cassette system is arranged in the profiling area. Depending on the type of profile it may accommodate cassettes with 10 or 12 profiling stations. Retooling for different profiles is accomplished in no time by rotating or replacing the cassette. When rotating the cassette, the changeover only requires a few minutes and does not involve the use of additional equipment. The replacement of the cassette requires tools such as a forklift, a table-mounted crane or an overhead crane. Even in this case, the maximum time required is less than 20 minutes.

The hardened and surface treated profile rollers of the cassettes are pre-set to material gauges of between 0.5 - 0.7 mm in the factory (except for special or facade profiles they may be set to either 0.6 - 0.8 mm or 0.8 - 1.0 mm). The machine is equipped with a PLC to automatically process material in various lengths and quantities. Operator entries are defined via a menu-driven touch panel. For conical profile shaping, a separate sub-menu is provided on the touch screen. Here, the operator can enter the necessary measurements for short width A, long width B as well as the panel’s length directly via a touch screen that is installed on the controller. From these entries the controller calculates the settings for the inclination of the cassette on the adjustable side. For this purpose, a hand wheel adjusts the cassette using a spindle in accordance with the specified value and it is then manually moved into the starting position. The conical profiling mode is only available for single cycle profiling operations. I.e., when the profile was run out of the machine, the movable cassette on the adjustable side must first be manually retracted to the starting position. Thereafter the next panel may be obliquely cut and profile shaped.

Profiling from a coil requires that the desired length and the item count are entered first via the touch panel. In the machine, manually fed strip material is transported by driven transport rollers. When the programmed length is reached, the frequency converter controlled drive is stopped and the crosscut shear executes an automatic cut. The overshoot, i.e. the tolerance in length is about 1 - 2 mm. In automatic mode, the next strip is started automatically. In single cycle mode, the operator is responsible for the restart. When the last profile has been cut from the strip, the material feed may be stopped by means of the clutch lever before the strip is removed manually from the infeed area.