Slitting and cross cutting unit for flexible, accurate and burr-free cutting of wide strip material with a max. width of 1,250mm and a thickness of up to 1.25 mm. The use of the Schlebach slitting unit provides a cost-effective storage method for strip material and a reduction of waste based on the optimized utilisation of wide strip material. In essence, the use of large coils reduces the material purchase costs. The optimised arrangement of the control elements combined with one of the two control options means that a single operator can control the machine.

The slitting machine is equipped with a stainless steel infeed table, a fixed and an adjustable stop. The fixed and the adjustable stop of the side sheet guide are equipped with ball bearings for low edge-wear strip infeed. The infeed width is continuously and precisely adjustable from a min. of 200mm to a max. of 1,250mm. The strip feeder is also equipped with specially coated low-wear feed rollers. The high precision blade shafts have a diameter of 100mm to accommodate up to 11 pairs of slitting blades (depending on material).

All slitting blade pairs are designed as reversible blades (with two cutting edges) that may be sharpened when they have worn. In order to guarantee absolutely burr-free and precise cuts, the cutting discs are attached to the blade shaft by means of a rapid clamping mechanism. The rapid clamping mechanism was specially developed for Schlebach to eliminate damage to blade shafts, even under conditions that require frequent adjustment of the slitting blades. Slitting blades are positioning precisely by means of an adjustment scale that is calibrated in millimetres. It is possible to disengage the upper shaft, i.e. the slitting blades.

Cross-cuts are executed by a guillotine shear of type SCHECHTL MT 125 that is installed after the slitting unit. Both machines are mounted on a common base frame with forklift pockets. The guillotine cut gives a clean, burr-free cut image of high quality. Due to the fast cutting within approx. two minutes the result is an efficient and effective workflow.