The electro-hydraulic combination FSE is used for the cost effective manufacture of fixing, slide fixing and suspension clips from strip material. Residual material, when cut to the required width, allows complete utilisation of material remnants. The desired adherence is selected via the switchboard. Only one punch can be set to operate at any one time.

The metal strip is fed forward until it triggers a non-contact proximity switch to activate the operation. The repetition rate depends on the length of the attachment. The operator is responsible to achieve the best performance.

An item counter may be set to a desired number of pieces. When the required quantity is reached, the FSE is turned off automatically.

The maximum sheet metal thickness is:

  • Non-ferrous metals up to 0.8mm
  • Sheet steel up to 0.7mm
  • Stainless steel up to 0.5mm

When using stainless steel, it is necessary that the punches are adjusted to match the material thickness as well as the material. Built-in drip lubricators provide continuous lubrication to the cutting tools.

The required stripe width is:

  • Static fixing clip 39mm
  • Suspension fixing clip 29mm
  • Slide fixing clip 85mm (length of the slotted hole: 50mm)
  • Slide fixing clip 95mm (length of the slotted hole: 60mm)
  • Slide fixing clip 110mm (length of the slotted hole: 70mm)