Additional material guide for single-sided profile shaping of panels. The installation of the guideboy on any of the Schlebach profile shaping machine infeed guides requires little effort.

The Guideboy prevents the sheet material from shifting towards the centre of the machine during single-sided profile shaping operations. The required lateral force across the profiling direction may be adjusted by means of the directional angle, as well as an increase of the contact pressure on the sheet metal.

Damage to the material surface is ruled out by the use of high quality pressure rollers with a special rubber coating.

Ribbing Attachment 25 mm

Ribbing Attachment 25 mm

Ribbing attachment assembly to shape longitudinal ribs with a width of 25 mm and a depth of approximately 1.1 mm into the visible surface of profiled panels. The ribbing attachment assembly consists of a guide unit, upper and lower ribbing rollers with brackets.

The ribbing attachment assemblies are equipped with high-quality ribbing rollers on ball-bearings to ensure maximum protection of the surface from the panels being profiled. The ribbing attachments are continuously adjustable across the profile shaping direction to ensure that the distance of the ribs that are pressed into the panels may be designed as required.

Note: The profiling of ribs is not possible on conical shapes.

Decoiler AC

Decoiler (AC)

Decoiler with a maximum payload of 300 kg. Consisting of welded frames with two castors and supporting rollers on ball-bearings that are made of galvanized steel. The decoiler is optionally available with a braking device that acts on one of the supporting rollers as well as two flanges.



The TRANS-ASPO uncoiler is for fast and simple holding of 1t coils. Due to the flying bearing and the manual height adjustment, the coil can be placed on the tensioning mandrel and tensioned manually without additional lifting equipment. The uncoiler is equipped with four travel rollers (two of which with fixing brake), and can therefore be placed easily in front of the working machine.